10 Balloon party games for a successful birthday!

Balloons are indispensable at a birthday party. They are colorful and they serve as decoration, but also as part of the best birthday games. The best thing about balloons is that kids of all ages love them (and adults secretly do too!)

Do you want them to float? Hang them from the ceiling! Do you need a background for a photo booth or a buffet table? Tape a series of colorful balloons to the wall. You could build a whole party around a bunch of balloons, really! With these 10 balloon party games you can celebrate a successful party - for young and old!

1. Pop balloons

Have each guest write his or her name on a balloon. Toss the colored balloons around in the center of the room and set a timer. Have the kids pop as many balloons as they can within 20 seconds. When the time is up, the players whose balloons have popped are out. The player whose name is on the last balloon is the winner!

2. Balloon Tag

This balloon version of Capture the Flag is a fun game for an outdoor birthday. To play, divide the kids into two teams. Call one team the blue team (with blue balloons , of course) and one team the red team (with red balloons ). Give a red balloon to each player on the red team and a blue balloon to each player on the blue team. Choose which team will be the tagger first and set a timer for 2 minutes. The tagging team must tag everyone from the opposing team within these 2 minutes. When an opponent is tagged, he or she must give the red or blue balloon to the tagger. After two minutes, the teams switch and the game is reversed. When finished, count how many balloons each team has. The team with the most balloons wins!

3. Balloon darts (suitable for the older kids)

Feed the tied ends of inflated balloons through small holes in a cardboard plate and secure the plate. Just like at the fair. Have the children stand behind a line and have each child throw three darts. For every balloon that pops, the darts player gets points. Whoever pops the most balloons wins!

4. Balloon basketball

Place a laundry basket on both sides of the room and see which team can score the most points by throwing the balloon into the laundry basket, of course from a suitable distance. Try playing the game in different ways. These sound easy, but aren't!

  • You can challenge the kids to run from one side of the room to the other with the balloon on one index finger.
  • Trying to make one hit per step. Start at a distance of 1 meter and always take a big step back!
  • This one sounds simple, but you'll be amazed: try to bounce the balloon on the floor, whoever bounces the balloon the most times wins!

5. Chasing candy balloons

Before the party, put small pieces of candy in the balloons before blowing them up. Place all the balloons in the party area and divide the kids into teams. Send them out to find as many balloons as possible in a given time. When they find a balloon, they blow it up. That's how they find the candies. When time runs out, the team with the most candies wins. Extra fun: use our confetti balloons for this!

6. Balloon Race

This game looks easy… but it isn't! Blow up 20 balloons and place them on the floor. Draw a line about 10 meters from the balloons and set a timer for one minute. When the time counts down, the player's goal is to try to grab as many balloons as possible and take them back across the finish line (where he or she started). When the time is up, count how many balloons the player has taken in total. The player who collects the most balloons wins. This game is extra fun with XL balloons or even with giant balloons !

7. Balloon Volleyball

This is one of our favorite indoor games with balloons. Especially when the days get longer and the kids can play outside in the evening, balloon volleyball is ideal. I don't think we even need to explain this game anymore: you can choose an imaginary boundary or draw a real line. Don't be fooled, this game can provide a good workout!

8. Balloon and spoon race

This is a great game for two or more children and ideal for outdoors, this game is just like the traditional egg and spoon race, but with large serving spoons and balloons instead. The kids must balance their balloon on their spoon and reach the finish line first, but if the balloon falls to the ground or bursts, they must return to the start and try again!

9. Balloon tennis

Similar to balloon volleyball, you can use badminton rackets, tennis rackets or build your own rackets to play balloon tennis. With this indoor or outdoor balloon game, the children at the birthday party will not only burn extra energy, but also work on their coordination skills. To add variety to the game, you can even do some tennis drills like serving or bouncing the balloon.

10. Balloon hockey

Use hockey sticks or make your own hockey sticks out of cardboard to shoot the balloon into a target. This game requires a bit more space, balloon hockey is perfect for a large living room or play area.

Which balloons will you use for these balloon games? Our chrome balloons ? Pastel color balloons or our rainbow balloons ? With these balloon games you can make every party complete!

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