Buying balloons for your party – what should you pay attention to?

A balloon arch, pink and blue balloons at a gender reveal party or a mix of white and silver balloons at a wedding. Balloons are indispensable at a party!

We used to see balloons in the most standard colors, red, blue, green and yellow. Nowadays balloons come in all kinds of colors, designs, sizes and materials. From transparent balloons, balloons with confetti, XL balloons and chrome balloons to balloon arches. Everything for the perfect party.

  • How do I choose the right balloons for my party?
  • How do I fill the balloons?
  • Do balloons always have to be filled with helium?
  • What's the best way to hang balloons?
  • Also not unimportant: where do I hang the balloons so that they come out best?!

We regularly hear these and other questions at Partypro, and that's not surprising! It is indeed good to know where to start, even if it seems so simple; decorate your home or party space with colorful balloons.

In this blog we cover the different types of balloons, how to use them and how to get the most out of your balloons (even without using helium!)

How do you choose the right balloons?

Whether it's a birthday party, a company party or a gender reveal party. With so much choice of balloons, it is indeed difficult to make a decision and buy the right balloons. It starts with determining the theme. Balloons add atmosphere to the rest of the decoration, things to take into account include:

  • The color of the balloons . Do you already have an idea of ​​the atmosphere you want for your party? Then the color is essential. There are certain colors that offer a classy vibe and are perfect for formal events, think gold balloons or silver balloons . On the other hand, there are of course also balloons for a more informal event. At the 6th birthday party, balloons of different colors and sizes are often a lot more fun.
    When looking for the right theme, the color of the balloons is essential!
  • The size of the balloons . Do you opt for XL balloons or even giant balloons? Take the space itself into account! That suddenly makes choosing the right balloons a lot easier…

And not to forget…

Do you want to fill the balloons with helium or with air? You can fill the balloons with air, with a handy balloon pump (or by inflating them with your mouth). You can also inflate them using a helium tank

No helium? No problem! Partypro gives you 3 ways to use balloons without helium

Helium balloons are cool! But sometimes hard to find or use. Incidentally, this is no reason not to use balloons as party decoration. We give you 3 ways to use balloons without helium!

  1. Making balloon arches: If you're looking for a "wow" factor for your party, a colorful balloon arch is the solution. It seems tricky, but making a balloon arch is quite easy.
    You will need: A balloon strip, a large number of balloons, double-sided glue drops and a balloon knot attachment. All you have to do is inflate the balloons with air and attach them to the base of the arch. So you have a great balloon arch in no time! The video below explains in an easier way how to set up a balloon arch.
    The nice thing about a balloon arch is that you can hang it anywhere you want, in the hallway at the entrance, at the front door, in the living room or anywhere to unpack! It is the eye-catcher of your party.
  1. Hang the balloons upside down: balloons normally float when filled with helium. Attaching air-filled balloons to the ceiling is an ideal way to achieve the same effect. Both in and outside! You can hang balloons from the edge of the roof, and even from branches.
    Fun at your gender reveal party, a garden party, a wedding or another party!
  1. Fix the balloons to the wall: balloons don't always have to float or be in the center of the room - you can just hang them on a wall. This works perfectly with Happy Birthday balloons or other decoration themes , for example. By inflating balloons with air and sticking them to a wall, you can combine endlessly. This is especially recommended at a wedding or other party where there is dancing. With balloons on the wall you complete the atmosphere of your party!

As you can read, you don't need helium to decorate your event with balloons. What will your next party look like? Are you going to start making a balloon arch? Hanging the balloons on the wall? Do you opt for XL balloons or a smaller variant? Let us know via Instagram and maybe we'll post your party decoration on our wall.

Whether you are organizing a birthday party, a wedding or a gender reveal party: Partypro has everything to make the party a success, from small and large balloons to complete decoration themes and from table decorations to colorful confetti cannons !

Whether you are organizing a birthday party or a dinner party. At Partypro you are at the right place!

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