Choosing the right table decorations for a children's party

For most parents, one of the favorite things to do for the birthday parties of sons and daughters and their friends is to bake a yummy cake, decorate the invitations, not to mention; decorating the table! With the right table decoration, it is the best way to put your son or daughter in the spotlight (of course at the head of the table, on the most beautiful chair) and to show all the delicacies in a beautiful way!

Whether it's a birthday, a children's party, a baby party or a gender reveal party: choosing a theme, a cake and finding the right gift is of course fun to do, but can also be quite difficult...

Fortunately, choosing the right decoration doesn't have to be! At Partypro we make choosing the right decoration for a children's party just that little bit easier. Whether you are planning to organize the event of the year, want to impress a select group of friends and family, or are looking for the right table decoration !

At Partypro we have mapped out the preparation of the perfect party table for you. Our ideas range from colorful and one of a kind to subtle and sophisticated. And while many of our DIY birthday decoration ideas are perfect for children's parties, they would also look simply stunning at an adult party. After all, who doesn't want elaborate table decorations at his or her party... and what could be better than a party with confetti-filled balloons ?

Step 1: who is the party about?

Whether you're looking for ideas for your toddler's big day or tips for organizing a memorable 9th birthday, look no further! Thanks to Partypro you have plenty of inspiration, with our best decoration ideas you can choose the best decoration in no time!

Of course you know who it is, but important things to take into account are:

  • What is his or her favorite color?
  • Is there a special theme that you would really like? (Think, for example, of a jungle party with special jungle decoration or extensive decoration for a mermaid party !)

Step 2: Who's Coming?

Although your child would like to invite everyone from school to the football or hockey club, this can quickly lead to an expensive party. A smaller list of invitees also means your child can spend quality time with the guests! Of course it is also a lot easier to set up the table decoration for 12 people, for example, than for 30 guests!

Step 3: Connect everything together

Want to match the table and treats with the rest of the party? In terms of color, that's a good idea! From the balloons to the table decoration, how cool is it when everything connects? And believe us… it's easier than you think!

At Partypro we have thought of everything. From matching plates and cups to accompanying straws. It is suddenly very easy to have a party with a boy theme (choose blue!) or a girl theme, of course in pink. Complete the table decoration with the same color balloons and voilà!

When it comes to putting together the perfect party table, there are two things you can do…

  1. Go over the top. Decorate the table, chairs, wall and ceiling with balloons, streamers, confetti and banners for an over the top party look.
  2. On the other hand… You don't necessarily have to have the table cluttered with too many objects, things that might get in the way and that the guests would rather just take off the table. With a simple table decoration setting of plates , cups and straws you can go a long way.
    This way you keep it simple, elegant and above all, it fits the theme of the party. The great thing is that the design and execution of this table will not be overwhelming and will not require too much. You only need to add a few elements, including of course the treats.

Whichever of the two looks you choose, with our extensive range of table decorations and balloons you have everything you need to make your party table shine!

Step 4: which snacks do you choose?

Choosing snacks is a challenge. Do you want a birthday cake or do you prefer cupcakes, donuts or something else? Do you have to take into account allergies? Is it an idea to use healthy alternatives? Below are some ideas for birthday snacks!

  • cupcakes
  • Pie
  • Donuts
  • Healthy nut bars
  • A fruit with chocolate fondue
  • Ice Cream Sundaes
  • S'mores
  • lollipops

Or maybe all? With a perfect mix of candies, cupcakes, cake, and last but not least, fruit, you always succeed. It is important to offer variety when it comes to a cake or snack table, especially if your guests have a food allergy.

Step 5: Thank the birthday guests

You can let your guests go home after a successful day with goodie bags or gift boxes filled with themed products or pink/blue delicacies. Partypro supplies nice gift boxes with the nicest images and in the most beautiful shapes for the finishing touch of your party!

And of course you can also just place it on the table, both before and afterwards.

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