How do you organize a gender reveal party?

Everyone wants to know: Is it a boy or a girl? Today, parents don't "just" answer this question, they reveal it in the most special ways. And that gender reveal parties are more popular than ever before, we at Partypro rightly agree! Gender reveal parties are fun for everyone involved and documenting the experience makes for the best memories.

  • But how do you organize a gender reveal party?
  • Who do you invite?
  • What is the best way to reveal the gender of the baby?

In this article you can read everything about organizing a successful gender reveal party, from planning to the day itself and not to forget the banging end of a successful day!

Step 1: Determine the sex

To hold a gender reveal party, you must of course first determine the sex of your baby. But how do you determine the sex of your baby so that it remains a surprise? For you, your partner and the guests.

Most parents do it as follows: they schedule an ultrasound around 20 weeks into the pregnancy.
When asked if you want to know the baby's gender at that point, simply ask him or her to write it down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Not only to keep it extra exciting, but essential to ensure the success of the gender reveal party!

Most ultrasounds can determine the sex of the baby around 20 weeks of pregnancy. However, such an ultrasound is not always a certainty: therefore make sure that you do not plan your reveal party immediately after the ultrasound! It is not always 100% sure that you already know the sex of the baby at the first ultrasound. To be on the safe side is not a luxury in this case.

Once this important step is taken, you can start planning the fun stuff!

Such as…

Step 2: Send invitations for the gender reveal party

A Partypro tip: try to send out the invites for the gender reveal party about four to six weeks in advance to give the guests plenty of time to put the date in their diaries, RSVP and find a babysitter if needed . Consider giving a little explanation about what a gender reveal party is. Since they are a fairly new phenomenon, many people don't know what to expect!

Step 3: Choose a gender reveal party theme

Especially with gender reveal parties becoming more and more popular in recent years, it can feel like the same tactics are used over and over again to reveal the gender. But don't worry, at Partypro we've come up with more than enough unique gender reveal ideas for you. These ideas are sure to amp up the excitement of this unforgettable moment and make your gender reveal party one your guests won't soon forget!

Most gender reveal parties stick to the classic pink or blue theme decoration: pink balloons, blue table decorations and pink napkins. At some gender reveal parties, the guests are even separated into pink and blue teams to have competitions between the two.

  • A popular idea is to build the theme around the season. That way, the seasonal theme for the party will be the same season your baby is born in.
  • Another popular idea: bake or order a cake with white icing on the outside and pink or blue color on the inside. Cutting into the cake will reveal the gender! You can also do this with cupcakes and have everyone take a bite at once.
  • Have someone put pink balloons or blue balloons in a sealed box; open the box and pop the balloons to reveal the baby's gender!
  • One of the funniest ideas is to use a pink or blue confetti cannon at the moment of truth. At the bottom of our confetti and smoke cannon is a sticker with the ordered color. You can simply remove this from the cannon so that you do not see from the outside what color confetti and smoke is in the cannon! What better way to show the world that you are pregnant with a boy or a girl?

Ultimately, a gender reveal party doesn't have to be an extravagant affair. For some people, they are close events between immediate family and friends. For others, it's something that takes months of planning. Of course it's up to you, at Partypro you will find the best decoration themes , gender reveal balloons and gift boxes for every gender reveal party!

Gender reveal party ideas – now in practice!

One of the most exciting and exciting parts of being pregnant is finding out if you are expecting a little boy or a girl, a gender reveal party is the perfect opportunity to get friends and family involved as they are just as curious like you!

And at the end of the day, when you and your partner look back on a successful day, you can happily get to work to find a nice name for your little one. How nice it is to be pregnant!

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