Collection: ALL BALLOONS

Balloons should never be missing at your party!

Whether it concerns balloons for your birthday, balloons for your gender reveal or special balloons, at PartyPro you are in the right place. We have balloons and balloon sets in all shapes, colors and sizes. This way you can always choose balloons that match the theme of your party

Balloons (30cm)

These balloons are suitable for any party. They are available in different types and colors and can also be combined well. There are also balloon sets available with balloons of 30 cm.

XL Balloons (46cm)

The XL balloons are extra large, which gives them even more atmosphere at your party. These balloons are available in a variety of shapes and colors. Do you want to impress your guests? Then go for the XL balloons!

Giant balloons (90cm)

Giant balloons of 90 centimeters are guaranteed to leave an indelible impression on your guests. These balloons are especially perfect for creating a festive atmosphere in large spaces.

Bunches of balloons

By means of bunches of balloons, every space is quickly filled. You can hang the bunches, but you can also fill them with helium and attach them to a heavy object. These balloons can be placed practically anywhere!

Balloon arches

A custom balloon arch is guaranteed to steal the show at any party. You can use the arch as an entrance, but it will also look good in a hall or garden. Tip: Use a beautiful balloon arch to create a 'Social Media Wall', where guests can take a picture with you or each other.

Chrome balloons

Partypro's chrome balloons are perfect to make the decoration of your party a success. Combine the chrome balloons with the decoration of your party, for example the accessories or the confetti cannons!

Confetti balloons

A balloon with confetti creates a wow effect at your party. They are not only popular as decoration at a party, but also to use as gift wrapping! For example, put money in the balloon and let the birthday boy pop the balloon so that all the confetti falls out. (And his or her present, of course!)

Gender reveal balloons

It's the most exciting way to reveal what it's about to be with family and friends! A little boy? Then blue confetti comes out of the gender reveal balloon. A little daughter? Then of course pink confetti will come out of the gender reveal balloon!

Foil balloons

Usually Partypro balloons are made of sturdy latex, but these unique foil balloons are made of crystal clear foil. In combination with the feathers, these 46 centimeter balloons give a fancy look at your party.

PartyPro is the affordable specialist in the field of balloons in all shapes and sizes. Because we deliver directly from stock, your order will in most cases be delivered the next day (the Netherlands). All our balloons are of excellent quality and can be filled with air or helium. Orders above €35 are also delivered to your home for free.

Do you want to make your party completely fancy? Combine your balloons of choice with our other products. For example, you can opt for decoration packages with specific (color) themes, table decoration in all kinds, confetti cannons or beautiful gift boxes. Guaranteed success! Are you stuck? Feel free to ask your question via our contact form.