Collection: GIFT BOXES

Bring guests home a party!

At the end of a birthday, wedding or store opening, it is always nice to get a gift box to take home. Something tasty or a memory of the party fits perfectly in the various Partypro gift boxes.

You can thank your guests for attending by giving them a gift box at the end of the party. It's a party to give a gift box but also to receive! With a gift box, guests take home a 'party in a box' to enjoy the day after.

What do you put in a gift box? A thank you to guests can be done in many different ways, you name it! Each gift box challenges you to think creatively. Provide appropriate content that both young and old can appreciate. For example, a personalized notepad or postcard so you won't soon forget the party. Chocolates or other treats are also a good choice.

With the different gift boxes in the Partypro range, the choice is huge! Discover which box suits your party best. You can match the boxes to the rest of your theme to finish in style.

Partypro supplies gift boxes of the highest quality. We ensure that guests can take the successful party home and enjoy it afterwards.

Gift bag Thank you
It completes a party! You can completely personalize the white gift bags with rosé letters 'Thank You' . Write a nice message or give guests something delicious to take home. This small gesture at the end of the evening evokes a nice feeling in all those present as appreciation for coming.

Gift box Baby
All the parties that are organized to celebrate a baby's life are great!. The pink or blue feet on the baby gift box are suitable for a Gender Reveal Party or a Baby Shower. Also nice to serve this gift box during a dinner to announce that you are pregnant.

With the baby gift box, guests receive a small souvenir to take home to enjoy this special day and cherish the beautiful memories.

You can also include the gift bags in the table decoration by combining all the decorations in style.

Gift box Marble
A high quality gift box! The marble gift box provides the real finishing touch to give your guests a present to take home. Something tasty or another little something fits perfectly in this box.

In addition, the marble gift box is suitable for any kind of occasion. The fine, neutral color of marble brings a party in itself.

Gift box Butterfly
The butterfly gift box is perfect to give guests something delicious and to let them enjoy the pleasure of a treat.

Gift box Bride
In combination with the groom's gift box , you can complete a wedding! A nice memento of this special day and guests can reminisce at home by keeping the box for a longer period of time.

Also perfect to give to friends after a bachelor party.

Gift box Groom
In combination with the bride gift box , you can complete a wedding! You can end this special day perfectly by giving guests a small souvenir to take home.

Be creative and, for example, give all men the bride gift box and all women the groom gift box. Provide matching content to keep guests remembering this unforgettable day and cherish the beautiful memories.

Gift box ice cream
Perfect to end a children's party. A delicious bag of sweets can be packed in the fun shape of a colorful ice cream cone. Available in pink and blue .