No party without a confetti cannon!

Surprising someone? A confetti cannon lets a party start in style and provides an extra festive feeling. With confetti in the air, whether the weather is nice or not, you make everyone's day! A confetti cannon is suitable for every occasion.

Reveal your baby's gender at the Gender Reveal Party? With a confetti cannon you ensure a smashing party and unforgettable moments. Surprising your loved one? The confetti cannon with hearts guarantees love. In combination with a balloon arch and the right table decoration, a confetti cannon comes into its own even more.

Take a confetti cannon to a party and pop when the time is right! When announcing a speech or giving a present, confetti provides an extra bit of shine.

The confetti cannons are user-friendly and come with the highest quality. All you have to do is turn the bottom to the left et-voila. The confetti shoots several meters into the air! A special effect, also on the photos, which makes a party complete.

The Partypro range also offers confetti cannons in combination with smoke. In addition to confetti, this luxurious confetti cannon contains powder, which creates a cool smoke effect. Especially in photos, the confetti and the matching color smoke splash from the image.

An unforgettable moment is created with a confetti cannon. Look for different colors and other options between the range. The coolest confetti cannons for parties, but also to give as a gift.

Confetti Cannon and Smoke Cannon

The moment family and friends find out if your baby is a boy or a girl should be unforgettable. You can do justice to this supreme moment with a luxurious confetti cannon.

Along with confetti, this cannon also features powder. This creates a great smoke effect at the most important moment of the party. This is not only unforgettable for guests, but also on photos the combination of confetti and smoke provides the finishing touch!

To keep the gender of the baby a surprise before popping the confetti cannon, Partypro has come up with something clever. At the bottom of the confetti cannon is a sticker of the ordered color, but you can easily remove it. So from the outside you cannot see what color confetti and smoke are in the cannon. So it remains a surprise for everyone...

This luxurious confetti cannon with smoke can be ordered in pink , blue or white .

Confetti cannon hearts

Surprising your loved one? Complete your dinner party, evening or giving a special gift by popping aconfetti cannon with shiny, red hearts . Whatever the surprise, this confetti cannon guarantees love. Also perfect for weddings or Valentine's Day.

On which occasion will you pop the confetti cannon with red hearts?

confetti cannon

You can continue a smashing party with a confetti cannon! Both silver and gold suit every occasion and both confetti cannons make your party complete.

In combination with a white-gold balloon arch , the confetti cannon stands out even more. The confetti will be completely blended into the rest of the party.

Can be ordered in silver or gold.

Confetti Cannon Multicolor

Multicolor confetti makes everyone happy! The popping of this confetti cannon gives every guest an extra festive feeling.

The multiple colors allow the confetti cannon to pop at any party. Especially very popular during a New Year's Eve party, but it is also a real showsteel on birthdays.

No party without a confetti cannon! The perfect signal to continue a party with a bang.

Parties won't be the same anymore. Powered by Partypro. The combination of the right table decoration , balloon arches and gift boxes ensures that guests will not soon forget a party.