Make your party shine? Steal the show with a balloon arch!

How nice is it when you arrive at a party and the first thing you see is a balloon arch? In any case, this one is not to be missed and is a real show stealer!
A balloon arch gives guests an instant happy feeling and that is the best way to start a party.

Are you organizing a store opening or graduation party? A balloon arch fits every occasion and creates an extra festive feeling among the guests. The supplied balloon strip of 5 meters can simply be transformed into the ideal arch. You can design this strip yourself. The balloon arch therefore fits in any kind of space and can be placed or hung anywhere. All you have to do is blow up the balloons. Then attach the balloons to the strip as desired, et voilà!

Balloons are always a festive addition, but a balloon arch is the eye-catcher of your party. For 24.95 you will receive the bow tomorrow.

Choose, for example, to put down the arch upon entering. This way you invite your guests to take photos at the arch immediately upon arrival. In the middle of the living room is also a festive option, or possibly in the garden. You are completely free to place or attach the bow wherever you want. With a balloon arch you draw all the attention at a party.

By matching the balloon arch to the decoration of the party, a beautiful whole is created. Have you thought about matching table decorations or furnishing the rest of the room? Partypro offers various options and possibilities. Discover it on the rest of the website.

Partypro tip : with a balloon arch you can easily create a 'Social Media Wall'. Guests can take a picture with each other or with you under the arch. Everyone can
the perfect picture for Instagram shooting at the party. This way the nicest photos are taken, which are guaranteed to look slick through the balloon arch.

Balloon arch White gold

Do you have a birthday, the opening of a store or a company party coming up soon? A white and gold balloon arch is the perfect addition to the party.

The combination of white and gold works well on any kind of occasion. White is fine, neutral and goes with everything. Gold provides extra shine and a stylish look for the party.

This balloon arch is suitable for many themed parties and can be placed wherever the arch comes into its own.

You can shape the supplied balloon strip to your own liking and then attach the balloons to the strip. The balloon arch is easy to set up and is therefore quickly fixed.

Balloon Arch Pink-Blue

Is it a boy or a girl? This pink and blue balloon arch is a real eye-catcher at a Gender Reveal Party!

This special day is captured on camera by all guests and of course the balloon arch is a great background for the perfect picture.

For baby showers, the pink and blue balloon arch is a huge addition to the whole. What completes the party is table decoration tailored to the theme 'Boy or Girl' with a gift box at the end that your guests can take home as a thank you. Look for more of these products here.

We deliver directly from stock and in most cases the order is delivered the next day (the Netherlands). All our balloons are of excellent quality and can be filled with air or helium. Orders above 35 are also delivered to your home for free.

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