Accessories from PartyPro

We have all the accessories for organizing the perfect party at home. Think of accessories for it inflating balloons , stickers for balloons , streamers, foil curtains, cake toppers and the like.

You can order a balloon pump from us for only €2.95. This saves you a lot of time and effort, which is definitely recommended! The hand pump is not only easy for large quantities of balloons, it is also pleasant to use for small numbers.

PartyPro is the online specialist in the field of affordable decoration and accessories for every party. In addition to our accessories, you will find a wide range of in our range balloons , balloon arches , decorative products in themes , table decoration , confetti cannons , gift boxes and more.

Balloon stickers

Balloon stickers are totally hip! Decorate your balloons yourself and create an even more unique experience for your guests. Our range of balloons is huge, mix and match for the perfect balloon! PartyPro tip: the balloon stickers are ideally suited for the best children's parties. Let the friends of your offspring decorate a balloon while enjoying a snack and a drink. They are sweet with that! Our balloon stickers are suitable for all types of balloons from our range. We recommend combining the stickers with balloons of (at least) 30cm.


A garland finishes it off! It is not for nothing that you will find various garlands in our range. A garland alone is already a fantastic mood maker, but combine your garlands with balloons - then your party decoration is guaranteed to be a success. Who wouldn't be happy with a beautiful garland on the wall?

Foil curtains

A foil curtain is of course a fantastic accessory to cover a large part of the wall, doorway or window. Children (and pets) in particular love the bright, shiny colors of the foil curtains. Pro tip: completely cover a wall with some foil curtains, attach balloons and streamers to the ceiling and you have a fantastic 'Instagram Wall' where your guests can have their picture taken.

cake toppers

What better way to personalize a cake than by using cake toppers? With these letters and numbers in different designs you can brighten up a cake in no time. This gives just that finishing touch that makes your party unique!

Curious about the best way to dress up your party? On our blog page you will find interesting articles with useful tips. For example about how to make the best combinations of balloons and accessories, or how to organize the ideal birthday!

PartyPro is the party for purchasing cheap, high-quality accessories. We try to continuously supplement our range and keep up with the latest trends. Are you missing something in our range? Take it easy Contact on, maybe we can add the items you think are missing to our assortment! You can easily contact us by sending an email to