Balloon arch (White-Rose)

Balloon arch (White-Rose)

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This balloon arch is white with rosé and can be used at almost any event or party.
Is it your birthday? Are you getting married or is there another fancy party? Then look no further! This rosé with white balloon arch is easy to set up anywhere. In your living room, in the garden or in a beautifully decorated room! This rosé with white balloon garland is the eye-catcher of your party.

Tip: use the balloon arch with other decorations for your party! For example with accessories or table decoration .

You can easily attach the balloons to the supplied balloon strip. Then you can shape it in any way. This beautiful balloon arch is easy to assemble thanks to the plastic strip.

Contents of the package of the rosé with white balloon arch:
1x Balloon strip (5M)
1x Double Sided Glue Drops
1x fishing line
2x Adhesive hooks for attachment

15x White balloon (12CM )
15x Pearl white balloon (12CM)

10x Pearl White Balloon (30CM)
8x White balloon (30CM)
14x Rosé confetti balloon (30CM)
2x White balloon (46CM)

6x Rosé foil balloon (46CM)
2x Green leaves plastic

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