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Helium Tank (30 Balloons)

Helium Tank (30 Balloons)

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Do you want to float your balloons with helium at your party? This is possible with the disposable helium tank from our range.

Advice from PartyPro:

  • Inflate the balloons with helium as soon as possible before the party.
  • Do not over inflate the balloons to avoid the risk of burst balloons.
  • Use Balloon Gel in combination with helium to make balloons float longer.
  • The hover time depends on the ambient temperature.
  • Helium gas contracts at cold temperatures and expands at warm temperatures.
  • Foil balloons float a lot longer with helium than latex balloons.

The helium tanks are filled with 0.20 M3 helium from Europe with a purity of 99.996 %


With the content of this helium cylinder you can inflate:

  • 30 balloons 9" (23cm)
  • 16 balloons 11" (28cm),
  • 5 balloons 30" (75cm)
  • 16 foil balloons heart or round 18" (46CM)

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