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Confetti and Smoke Cannon (Blue)

Confetti and Smoke Cannon (Blue)

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In addition to confetti, our luxury confetti cannons also contain blue powder to create a blue smoke effect! What better way to show the world that you are pregnant with a boy at a Gender Reveal Party?

At Partypro we have thought of everything: there is a sticker with the ordered color on the bottom of the blue confetti and smoke cannon. The, in this case, blue sticker can be easily removed from the confetti cannon so that it is no longer visible from the outside what color confetti and smoke is in the cannon. For example, no one knows yet whether blue or pink confetti will come out of the confetti and smoke cannon. Sometimes it has to remain a surprise, and that's possible thanks to our confetti and smoke cannon!

Partypro guarantees the quality of the confetti and smoke cannon with blue confetti and smoke and supplies confetti and smoke cannons of the highest quality.

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