Blue Chrome Balloons (10 pcs / 30 CM)

    Blue Chrome Balloons (10 pcs / 30 CM)


    The blue chrome balloons from Partypro are perfect to make the decoration of your party a success. What are you celebrating? The birthday of a good friend, the birthday of your son or nephew? A gender reveal party? Or are you organizing a luxury dinner? With the blue chrome balloons from Partypro you ensure that your party will not soon be forgotten!

    Tip: Combine the blue chrome balloons with the decoration of your party, for example the table decoration or the decoration themes !

    Simply fill the balloons with air or helium, so they float for no less than 5 to 7 hours!

    Contents of the balloon set with blue chrome balloons:

    10 blue chrome balloons of 30 centimeters

    Partypro guarantees the quality of the blue chrome balloon set and supplies party balloons of the highest quality. Curious about all our balloon sets ? Check them out quickly!