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Balloon Arch (Red-Gold)

Balloon Arch (Red-Gold)

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Looking for a special balloon arch for your party? This balloon arch with burgundy red and gold colors is perfect for decorating a birthday or other party! Use the balloon arch around your sweet table to make it stand out even more.

The balloon arch comes with up to 100 balloons, including chrome gold balloons and confetti balloons. Together they provide a chic eye-catcher at your birthday or other party. The balloon arch comes with all the necessities and is easy to set up.

Tip: Use the balloon arch in combination with other products! For example with a decoration theme or table decoration .

The balloons can be easily attached to the supplied balloon strip. The balloon arch can then be designed in any way. It has never been so easy to assemble a luxurious balloon arch.

Contents of the Balloon Arch (Red-Gold) pack:
25x Peach pearl balloon (30CM)
25x Rosé pearl balloon (30CM)

25x Bordeaux pearl balloon (30CM)
10x Gold confetti balloon (30CM)
10x Chrome gold balloon (30CM)
5x Rosé pearl balloon (45CM)
1x Balloon strip (5M)
1x Double Sided Glue Drops
1x fishing line
2x Adhesive hooks for attachment

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