Balloon Arch (Rose-Gold Deluxe)

Balloon Arch (Rose-Gold Deluxe)

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Are you also crazy about rose and gold? Then we at PartyPro have the perfect balloon arch for your party! Do you want a birthday or other party in style? Then quickly order our chrome rose gold balloon arch Rose Gold Deluxe!

The balloon arch consists of 3 different colors chrome rosé, chrome gold and beige. These balloons come in different sizes. You can therefore use them in a playful way to create the perfect balloon arch for your party.

Decoration tip: combine this balloon arch with the decoration of the party! For example with accessories or table decoration .

Inflate the balloons and attach them to the supplied balloon strip. This way you can design the balloon arch yourself! This beautiful balloon arch is easy to assemble thanks to the plastic strip. You can simply attach the balloons to the strip to create a perfect balloon arch.

We recommend using an electric pump to inflate the balloons.

Contents of the chrome Rose-Gold Deluxe balloon arch:

1x Balloon strip (5M)
1x Double Sided Glue Drops
1x fishing line
2x Adhesive hooks for attachment

3x Beige balloon (46CM)
50x Beige balloon (25CM)
20x Beige balloon (12CM)
15x Chrome-gold balloon (30CM)
25x Chrome-gold balloon (12CM)
15x Chrome-pink balloon (30CM)
10x Chrome-pink balloon (12CM)

The gold backdrop (circle) is not included in the package

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