Birthday Decoration (Space Theme)

Birthday Decoration (Space Theme)

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Looking for birthday decorations for a boy? With this unique space themed decoration you will surpass every birthday for boys! This space set contains everything needed to make your son feel like an astronaut. There are balloons in the form of rockets, various vehicles and even an astronaut. Together with the planets and 'the HAPPY BIRTHDAY' balloons, you ensure that your son has the nicest birthday decoration and can feel like a real astronaut.

Congratulations on your son, nephew or other family member! This set contains everything to make the decoration for a birthday successful. Make him feel like he's in outer space with this Space Theme - a must-have when hosting a birthday party!

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Contents of the birthday decoration in Space Theme:
15x Foil Balloon (Astronaut, Vehicles, Stars)
1x Blue "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" foil balloon (45CM)
20x Blue balloons (30CM)
20x Light Blue Balloons (30CM)
20x Black balloons (30CM)
10x White balloons (30CM)
5x Marble balloons (yellow, pink, blue, purple, black) (30CM)
5x Elongated balloons (26cm)
3x foil curtain blue
1x Plastic balloon trip (5 meters)
2x Adhesive wall hooks
1x fishing line

1x Glue drops

Partypro guarantees the quality of the Space Theme birthday decorations and supplies birthday balloons of the highest quality.

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