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Birthday Decoration (TikTok)

Birthday Decoration (TikTok)

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With this unique TikTok birthday theme you can organize an unforgettable TikTok party for the birthday girl! This very extensive package really contains everything you need to give the birthday person an unforgettable Tiktok themed birthday.

The included balloon arch contains over 120 balloons! On top of that come the balloons with TikTok print. The Happy Birthday flags in Tiktok style and that is of course not all, because we have thought of everything. You also get a TikTok cake topper for the cake and 12 TikTok cupcake toppers. Last but not least: 6 TikTok gift bags to fill with goodies for your guests.

With this ultimate Tik Tok theme you can transform the party location into a TikTok party! Which TikTok dance will you do with this theme in the background?

Tip: Use an electric pump to inflate the balloons!

Contents of the TikTok Decoration Pack:
2x Bunches of 6 TikTok balloons (30CM)
1x Happy Birthday flags/garland in TikTok style
1x cake topper
12x Cupcake topper
6x Gift bag

Balloon Arch:

2x TikTok foil balloon (70*62CM)
30x Black balloon (30CM)
30x Pink balloon (30CM)
30x Green balloon (30CM)
10x Black balloon (22CM)
10x Pink balloon (22CM)
10x Green balloon (22CM)
1x Plastic balloon strip (5 meters)
2x Adhesive wall hooks
1x fishing line
1x Glue drops

Partypro guarantees the quality of the TikTok party set and supplies decoration of the highest quality.

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