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XL Gold Chrome Balloons (Champagne) (10 pcs / 46 CM)

XL Gold Chrome Balloons (Champagne) (10 pcs / 46 CM)

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Looking for large champagne gold balloons? At PartyPro we even have them in chrome champagne gold color and 46 CM in size! Combine these large chrome champagne gold balloons with chrome balloons of 30 and 12 centimeters to create a playful effect. The beautiful Balloon Set with 10 gold balloons is the ideal party decoration for a birthday, wedding or theme party!

You can complete any party with our champagne gold chrome balloons.
Do you have something to celebrate soon? Tip: combine the champagne gold chrome balloons with other chrome balloons from our range.

Simply fill the balloons with air and hang them or fill them with helium to let them float for no less than 5 to 7 hours!

Contents of the balloon set with champagne gold chrome balloons:

10 champagne gold chrome balloons of 46 centimeters

Partypro guarantees the quality of the champagne gold chrome balloon set and supplies party balloons of the highest quality. Curious about all our balloon sets? Check them out quickly !

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